life lessons

  • It’s good to know your roommates well before you live with them
  • Sometimes, if they’ve had 25+ roommates, that’s a huge fucking warning sign. 
  • Dawn soap and dishwasher soap are very different. 
  • Sharing a room is cheap, but it can be a pain the ass
  • Always fucking ask if it’s okay to have your girlfriend or boyfriend spend the night. 
  • Even if you’re both in your twenties. Seriously. And even if you’re not fucking. 
  • Make sure your rooommates significant other respects your roommate- especially if they are doing the whole roomshare thing. It’s not cool when they don’t. 
  • Having sex in the shower? It’s fun and all but when you’re other roommate is waiting for one… not cool. Wait until you know that you’re home alone for this. 
  • Be discreet for godsake. 
  • If your roommate eats hummus in his bed, he’s not very clean. 
  • If your roommate keeps his clothes in guitar cases, he’s not very clean. 
  • If your roommate never does the dishes… ask him or her to do so. 
  • Tide Pops make laundry fun! Seriously. 
  • Bed bugs are the fucking devil. 
  • If you think you have them, don’t wait. Call someone right away and let your roommates know. Seriously. 
  • Don’t lie about them. 
  • If you want to move out before your lease is up, find someone to replace you. 
  • Make sure you read your lease carefully and know what you’re getting into
  • If you replace someone on your lease- ALL of the roommates MUST sign it. RIGHT away. MAKE SURE THIS FUCKING HAPPENS!!!
  • if your roommate ignores your calls because of something, just keep calling. Seriously, you’ll feel like an ass, but just keep doing it.
  • Are you still calling?
  • Still calling?
  • Make sure you have an agreement for a lot of things- TP, Gas, Electric, Internet, Cable, everything. Make sure things are split up.
  • If you have a early time you need to work, let them know this
  • For parking (tandem) don’t be a dick about it. Sometimes, you gotta move your car a lot. At late hours. If you don’t want to do this, leave your keys on the counter and let your roommate do this- only if you trust them. 
  • Figure out systems for dishes before you move in
  • DO NOT GET EVICTED- for late payments, noise, smoking, animals, whatever.. this SERIOUSLY hurts your credit and screws with you for a LONG time!! Buying a car, future apartment, whatever. 

I’m not saying all roommates are evil. One of my best friends loves his roommates and my other friend is the same way! I’m just in a very bad situation at the moment- and I wanted to share all of this- so people can avoid it, and get out of it if need be. If you have any questions, message me, and I’ll be happy to be answer them. I’m getting screwed over currently- it sucks. 

I hate asking to reblog shit, but this is something to actually.. you know, reblog. 

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